The Emergency Fund

The Emergency Fund

In last week’s blog post, I shared a number of tips on how to manage the COVID-19 crisis in your personal finances. I had mentioned the emergency fund as an important vehicle in your financial setup to manage unforeseen disasters. Set up the right way, the emergency fund can buffer away risks of intermittent earning and buy you loads of peace of mind. The importance of having an emergency fund has been underlined by the current COVID-19 situation. But how does it really work? What is best practice?

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Switching my blog from Germany to English? Really? While this may come as a surprise to many of you, I had pondered about it move for a while. Ultimately, I want to reach an audience as broad and large as possible with my blog. I believe there is a tremendous need for fact-based, unbiased information on personal finance issues. Simply put, I want to better cater to this need in English going forward. Let me thank all of my German-speaking readers for their support to date. While I hope you will continue reading my blog also in English, I look forward to having many new readers join the community.

Today’s article will lay out my reasons for switching the language of my blog from German to English—even adding an additional, English URL to reach this blog:

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